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Having a trusted, understanding supporter in whom to confide  can give you a fresh view and bolster your own, personal strengths  
  Located in Downtown Pittsburgh, we service all southwestern Pennsylvania.     
Whether frustrated by life problems or wanting more from life

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      As therapists, we have helped people with            thousands of problems and issues.       


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Irvin Guyett, PhD



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 Nancy Chubb, PhD, MBA



Patricia Epps, M.Ed,LPC,CAC, CEAP



Lee Fogarty, PhD



Ellen Gross, MSW



Marcia Rozran-Turbiner, PhD, CGP



Kathleen Smith, PhD



  As independently practicing, licensed psychologists, social workers, and counselors, we have been sharing convenient professional office space for many years in Downtown Pittsburgh.  Collectively and individually, we attempt to offer prompt, customized, considerate and effective services to individuals and organizations for the wide array of personal, interpersonal, and organizational problems we have often seen.





     If you have been feeling anxious, depressed,  irritable,

     troubled by past events or acting or thinking in ways causing

     difficulties in your life or just wanting help taking the next

     step toward success, consider  getting counseling  help so

     you are not facing these  issues alone or repeating the same

     unsuccessful  solutions. Below are additional problems with 

     which we have helped people.


    To make an appointment:


    Contact Irv Guyett, Ph.D., psychologist, (412-261-3522) for an initial session or to consider whom else  in the office you may wish to see for help by reviewing any of  the therapistís to the left to find out more about their background,  time availability, insurances accepted and  to discuss directly an appointment.


    *We are not a group practice but rather a group of committed,

senior professional psychotherapists who share space and     common interests in working with and helping people.  It is not a corporate model where records are shared without specific,

written permission.



Anxiety or panic with physical symptoms  such as: choking, nausea,

     headaches; fears of crowds, heights, giving talks.

Can't stop thinking or doing certain things.

Traumatic event which keeps coming back to  you even in dreams

     or just on your mind

Depression, hopeless feelings

Mood swings

Disappointments in life such as breakups,

    loss of job

Other severe losses with grieving


Problems with drinking, drugs, gambling

Repeatedly getting in trouble with authorities

Conflicts with people at work or in family

Dating, marriage, divorce, custody

Gender Issues